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Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Rolls

Wire drawing rolls are used in metal drawing operations such as wires (steel cord), welding electrode wire, cable wire, spring, nail wire inside the automobile tire we use in our daily life.

Tungsten carbide expert BOEHLERIT Turkey, the production center in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone to meet the requirements of different diameters at the highest level and quality produce tungsten carbide wire drawing mills.

To produce quality wire, you need to use the most accurate rolling mill suitable for that process. Therefore, ideal rolling core quality, size and suitable rolling profile are the most important features to be considered. By using a carbide mill in the profile suitable for your current process, you can ensure that both the mill life is extended and the wire drawing speeds increase. For modern metal drawing operations, wear resistant and ideal draft geometry should be used in order to increase the mechanical properties together with high dimensional accuracy, sensitive surface roughness.

What are the properties that tungsten carbide mills should have?

Core powder quality selected; core geometry, inlet, reduction area, bearing and outlet angle can be listed as the properties that tungsten carbide mills should have. In addition, depending on the inlet and outlet diameters, the selection should be made by evaluating the dust quality and average angle values ​​suitable for the material to be drawn depending on the reduction ratio and the reduction ratio obtained.

What are the advantages of tungsten carbide rolling mills?

The most common rolling cores on the market are tungsten carbide-based cores. Carbide rolling cores are used in a wide range in the metal drawing industry. Tungsten carbide powders are manufactured by pressing with a certain ratio of cobalt as binder element and sintered at high vacuum and temperature. Tungsten carbide, whose hardness, density and compressive strength is even higher than hardened steels; It is a material with ideal abrasion resistance for core production. The amount of expansion is half the steel. Therefore, carbide cores are not deformed at high temperatures during wire drawing. In addition, the resistance of tungsten carbide to the abrasion of foreign materials such as slag dust is very high and it has been observed that in various trials, the steels have increased fifty times. It is also an advantage that it is possible to process the tungsten carbide surface with a very high precision. Due to these features, the core life is extended and the risk of wire scratching decreases.